Boston Marathon 2015 weather forecast


Monday, April 20 – 8:50am – 11:15am –  Boston, MA

Mostly Cloudy, Rain Likely (100%), Breezy

High: 50   Low: 41 

7AM 9AM 11AM 1PM 3PM
41 44 48 49 50

Sunday Update

Forecast Grade: C

Confidence Level: 90%

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Rain appears like it will enter the region right around Noon and should continue through the afternoon and evening. Rain may be moderate to heavy at times and will be accompanied by chilly temperatures and breezy winds out of the east. This isn’t exactly the forecast most of you want to hear. Temperatures should start in the low 40s prior to the start of the race and will continue to push into the mid 40s closer to the start. Highs should settle near the 50 degree mark tomorrow afternoon.

0Z GFS MSLP and 6Hr Precip forecast for Monday at 1pm (Courtesy: NEXLAB Models)

0Z GFS MSLP and 6Hr Precip forecast for Monday at 1pm (Courtesy: NEXLAB Models)

Winds will be breezy at times out of the east around 10 to 20 mph. Gusts may top 30 mph tomorrow afternoon so be sure to leave some extra in the tank to compensate for the headwind. Rainfall totals during the day might approach one inch, so be sure to bring something dry if you can for the end of the race.

Be sure to take a look at this article that was sent to me by the author who writes for on how weather has affect the race times for the Boston Marathon over the past 15 years. At least one thing is for certain, the temperatures will be just about perfect for a fast race! Now if only we could get rid of the wind and rain…


Shorts and a t-shirt will be good for the race. Some of you may want to wear a long sleeve shirt to stay a little warmer with the wind and rain. You will want to wear something warm while waiting around for the start. Also, if you’re planning to hang around after the race be sure to plan accordingly and get a buddy to bring something warm and dry! Don’t forget your body glide and good luck!