2012 ING New York Marathon weather forecast

Sunday, November 4th – 8:30am to 10:55am (Start Times Here)

New York, NY

Partly Cloudy to Mostly Sunny and Cool

High: 50      Low: 39

39 43 47 49 50

[notice][/notice]THIS RACE HAS BEEN CANCELED[notice][/notice]

Friday Evening Update – Confidence Level: 90%

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Temperatures are expected to be a little on the cool side for the race with lows in the upper 30s prior to the start. Once the race gets underway, temperatures will settle into the 40s, rising to near the 50 degree mark by the afternoon.

Fall Back before heading to bed!!

Winds should be relatively light out of the northwest around 5 to 10 mph and skies will be mainly clear with just a few clouds lingering in the morning. Overall, it looks like a cool day but the sunshine should make it feel a little warmer.


This is a tough one because it will be one of those in between weather forecasts as far as temperatures. Personally, you would see me out there in shorts and a long sleeve, and if I got warm I could lose the top along the way. Typically I would wear a short sleeve over my long sleeve top. Some of you will be more than happy with tights and a long sleeve. You will definitely want something warm such as cheap sweats, gloves and a hat while you are waiting around for the start. Don’t forget your body glide and good luck!